Pak China alliance in Education Sector

Pak China alliance in Education Sector
The higher education institutes of Pakistan and China are collaborating in the past and are offering the students certain scholarships which is the actual spirit of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, as mentioned by Ahsan Iqbal, the federal minister for Planning and Development.
He said that while he was inaugurating the first ever Pakistan China Forum on Higher Education which was held at Air University in Islamabad. He mentioned that the CPEC is the roadway for Pakistan to enter the global supply chain and will be an important factor in affecting the world wide trade of Pakistan and in its lieu both countries Higher Education authorizing bodies which are Higher Education Commission Pakistan and China Association of Higher Education jointly organized the forum.

IN the event, the scholars from both the countries were invited and they shared their views in the one-day event and mentioned the challenges of Quality of higher education which are being faced in the field. Among the general attendees, the students from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and faculty members from different institutes were present.

Federal minister appreciated the efforts to bring the forum into being by the Higher Education Commission and CPEC University Alliance. He added that these joint efforts will help build the collaborative linkages and intellectual connectivity which shows the spirit of the economic corridor and will definitely open new horizons for the higher education field in both countries.

He while emphasizing on the CPEC importance said that the project will be a success once we are able to hire right type of human resource and he mentioned that the present government is in full support to the higher education commission and the associated institutes so that they prepare the adequate and right skills human resource for CPEC.

Dr Arshad Ali who is the HEC executive director was also present at the occasion and in his keynote speech, he mentioned that the higher education is the key to success and it is not the goal which we have to achieve but it is the way forward towards the road of better and knowledge based economy. In the forum, three areas were discussed which include national role and contributing to the higher education quality.

Air Vice Marshal Faaiz Amir who is currently serving as a Vice Chancellor of Air University welcomed the attendees of the forum and appreciated the efforts which are bringing in right kind of projects which will eventually take Pakistan to the road of Progress and the economy of the country will become better in the future. He also mentioned what role the students can play in the economic growth of any country and how higher education and scholars from the nation can change the path of the future for any nation.

He said that the cooperation between the two countries is exemplary and Pak China Relationship is acknowledged worldwide and it has taken a lot of efforts and mutual respect to develop which is why we have projects like these.

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