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Jobs In Pakistan

Pakistan is thirty third largest country of the world with the population of around 200 million. In terms of population the country is sixth largest in the world which makes its economy growing. Most of the economy of Pakistan is based on its agriculture which comprises of more than 70%. The remaining 24% is the industrial sector which contributes towards the GDP.

Government Jobs in Pakistan

Lot of people in Pakistan are currently doing jobs in different sectors and industries. We will be briefing you about those industries and about job openings in those industries.

Private Sector Jobs in Pakistan

The very first industry in which you can have a job is agriculture which is the largest one in the nation. A lot of people are involved in this industry with the production and cultivation. There are industries which process the raw material produced from crops and convert them into final products. A lot of other industries and jobs which are related to the agricultural sector for example the manufacturing of heavy machinery which is used to reap the crops. Similarly the fertilizers which are used for excellent production of the crops can also be considered. There are a lot of companies making fertilizers like Engro and Fauji fertilizer.

Bank Jobs in Pakistan

Apart from the agricultural industry, one can find jobs in the banking sector as well. Pakistan being in the economical growing phase, the banks are making much profits and are opening their facilities in far flung areas of Pakistan. This can provide the opportunity for jobs for people living in those vicinities. People who belong to finance and banking sector can have great opportunities in the field.

Travel Tourism Jobs in Pakistan

In the recent times there is another industry which is booming across the globe and that is travelling and tourism. Pakistan has the most beautiful landscapes in the north which attracts the Travelers from all over the world. The current government is really focused on developing tourism in Pakistan so that foreign revenue can be generated. In this regard many new hotel chains are being opened in Northern areas which are providing people with jobs and investment opportunities. Pakistan has beautiful beaches on the southern side line is stretched for miles starting from Indian site in the east end Iranian costal site on the west. A lot of development in beach culture is also developed by the government which is attracting the jobs and other opportunities.

Mining Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan has also abundant resources of minerals which are being extracted and exported in the world. Pakistan is the largest exporter of rock salt which is exported to India and Western Europe. Apart from the rock salt there are many other minerals which are being extracted from the mines which makes Mining industry and important one for the economy of Pakistan. There are many jobs in Mining industry which are also adding to the GDP of the country.

Pak Army Jobs

Pakistan Army Jobs is one among the most gracefull jobs in Pakistan. Every year Pakistan Army Announce short course and Long Course Jobs for the citizens of Pakistan and request for the applications. 

We will be posting on kinds of job opportunities with you here. To find out any government institutions job or private sector job stay tuned with us.

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