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Jobs in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is located at the southern part of the Punjab adjacent to Rawalpindi city. It has the 0.8 percent of the total population and contributes 1 percent to total gross domestic product GDP. The city is very beautiful and is ranked as third beautiful capital of the world due to the picturesque infrastructure with Margalla hills in the background. The city is well planned and has beautiful roads and buildings which makes it unique as compared to the infrastructure of other cities of the country.
Most of the population in Islamabad is moved here from other parts of the world mainly from adjacent cities like Rawalpindi and Peshawar etc. Due to diplomatic importance of the city, there are all embassies of the world located in the city. Also Supreme Court and national parliament house is also present in the city which are located at a very beautiful place. Many people move to the Capital in search of the jobs and other opportunities to have a better lifestyle. We will be posting all kinds of jobs related to the capital here. Following are some of the major industries where people find jobs in the capital city.
  1. Government Institutions

Islamabad being the capital hosts all of the major national institutes which include Supreme Court of Pakistan, Army GHQ, National Assembly, Prime minister and President House etc. Those who have degrees in international relations and other democracy and law related degrees, there are many opportunities for them here in the capital city.
  1. Diplomatic Institutes

Islamabad has all embassies of other countries where they normally have ambassadors from those countries but overall administration workforce of the embassy is normally hired locally. There are many opportunities for those who are working in the field of admin, diplomacy and foreign affairs etc. All these embassies require manpower on regular basis related to above mentioned fields. We will be posting all kinds of diplomatic and foreign affairs jobs here.
  1. Education

Islamabad being the elitist and upper middle class holder city, there is always a need of top notch universities and educational institutes which provide quality education which can be at par with the international universities. Those people who are attracted towards education sector or are already working in this sector can have better opportunities in Islamabad. There are universities like NUST, Bahria University and Quaid-e-Azam University.
  1. Corporate world

Islamabad is the capital of the nation which makes it important for many public and private organizations head offices in Islamabad along with many banks opening their head offices in the city. There are head offices of OGDCL, PSO, Ufone, UBL etc. in Islamabad which attracts people from all walks of life. Those of you who have background of Finance, banking, administration and management must look opportunities here.

We will be posting all kinds of Islamabad based job openings here. Please stay with us.

Latest Jobs in Islamabad

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