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Jobs in Karachi

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and is located at the southern coast of the country. It has a historical background and is economic and cultural hub of Sindh province of Pakistan. The city is also called as city of lights due to its vibrant life which continues throughout the clock.

The population of Karachi is around 15 million and is ever increasing with every day passing which is creating opportunities for people to opt and get jobs in different sectors. We will be highlighting the major industries of the Karachi city and the opportunities where people of Karachi can be attaining jobs. 
  1. Manufacturing Industries Jobs in Karachi

There are many different manufacturing facilities located in industrial areas of Karachi which are located in Landhi and Korangi etc. Many export quality apparels chains are there and people from textile industries can attain jobs in here. Another is the food industries and fast moving consumer goods FMCGs like Nestle, Unilever, Engro and National foods etc are present in the city. Another major industry is the manufacturing of
  1. Fisheries Jobs in Karachi

Karachi being the coastal city has a huge industry of fisheries and sea food where companies tend to catch them and then store and sale. Most of the sea food taken from Arabian Sea are exported to UAE, Gulf and Europe. Remaining tonnage is used in the local restaurants we well.
  1. Harbor and Export Jobs in Karachi

Karachi port is one of the main sea ports of the country and all the imports and export systems are located in there where there are many companies which are dealing with these kind of systems. Many people are doing jobs in this sector which involves port management, shipping and logistics management system.
  1. Automobile Industries Jobs in Karachi

Karachi being the corporate and business capital of the country tends to have many automobile industries present where some manufacture the vehicles and other carry out the assembling. Also, along with it, there are services and maintenance of vehicles is equally extensive. The good car mechanics and car sale and purchaser are already in demand and there is a lot of things being done in the automobile industries. Exporting cars from abroad in the city is also a booming business and there are a lot of jobs in this industry as well.
  1. Corporate world Jobs in Karachi

There are a lot of industries mainly multinational have their offices in Karachi. Even those which are located in the remote areas of the region have their head offices in Karachi which creates a lot of jobs like technical services, finance and costing along with administration etc.
  1. Banking Sector Jobs in Karachi

Since the cash flows of the city of Karachi are highest in Pakistan as compared to other cities, all the head offices are located in Karachi so the city is heaven for those who are from the banking and finance sector tends to have easy jobs in the city.
We will be sharing all the Karachi based jobs with you as long as they are posted.

Latest Jobs in Karachi

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